Collection Highlight

Collection Highlight: Vintage Fashions from the Museum's Collection

This spring, the Manassas Museum will debut a new exhibition that is based entirely on our textile collection.  Tailor Made: Vintage Fashions from the Museum's Collection Unveiled  will be on public view from May 12 - September 24 in our temporary gallery.  Working with guest curator Meaghan Reddick and textile conservator Claudia Walpole, we selected 14 different costumes and numerous supporting pieces (shoes, gloves, purses, etc.) for display.  Most have never been on public view before and we are excited to share them with you this summer. 

Here is a sneak peek at two of the pieces you will get to see when Tailor Made opens in May.

 Baseball BEST

Brentsville Wildcats

Men's sports uniforms find their roots in fraternal organizations and military attire.  The use of woof for early baseball uniforms aligned players with the high status of gentlemanly activities but were not that comfortable for physical exercise.  Knickers were first worn in 1868 by the Cincinnati Reds to show off their red stockings.  The collarless jersey was introduced by t e New York Giants in 1906.  Baseball as a national pastime expanded on all levels by the 1930s, from the major leagues in big American cities to rural communities such as Manassas.  This Brentsville Wildcats uniform dates to the early 1950s. 

Dress BEST
Christian Dior gown

French designer Christian Dior's "New Look" dominated the fashion scene with historically-inspired ultra-feminine designs featuring cinched waists and immensely full slits to the mid-calf.  Dior's style was elegant and flirty, the perfect combination for this bold pink Cotillion gown worn by local resident Bette Burke.  it's boned waist, rhinestone spaghetti straps and frothy appearance would have made an unforgettable entrance for a social debut.