Snow Removal: Residents Guide

The primary goal of the Street Department is to ensure that all the maintained roadways are promptly cleared and treated as quickly and safely as possible following a winter storm event. The cooperation of all residents/property owners is essential for the Street Department to achieve this goal.

This guide is simply a reminder that your assistance and patience is greatly appreciated as the Street Department provides the winter maintenance required to clear and treat the roadways in an effort to make the streets safe for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

A simple, printable Snow Facts Sheet is available for download.
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first and second snow tab


snow dm tab4 

snow trash tab


snow and the law tab


emergency snow tab 

tips for snow removal tab


       Emergency Snow Routes    Primary and Secondary Routes driveways and mailboxes driveways and mailboxes snow and the law trash collection during snow events tips for snow removal

If you have questions regarding snow removal in your area, please call:
​(703) 257-8347 (during regular business hours)
​ (703) 257-8353 (outside regular business hours)