Early Learning (Pre-K)

The Manassas Museum is offering new educational outreach programs for Kindergartners.  Each program is designed to help develop communication skills, drive curiosity, and foster Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning.  Each implements Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) by including crafts and activities to expand learning.  $50 for one hour program (City of Manassas Public Schools -Free)

​​Nature by Day

In this outreach program, students will discover the effects of nature active during the daytime. Discussion will include properties of the sun, what animals do during the day, and plants processes to grow and survive. Students will conduct crafts such as making a groundhog with his shadow, and examining the many colors of rainbow.  
SOL Requirements

​Nature by Night

​What happens with nature to affect our everyday life while we sleep at night? Students will get acquainted with the moon and stars, know which animals thrive during the night, and what happens to plants when it’s dark. In this outreach program, students will conduct activities such as making their own constellations and moon rocks! 
​​SOL Requirements

​​The Natural World

​This outreach program talks about both living and non-living organisms in the natural world. What is a living organism?  What is a nonliving organism, and how do we classify them? Students will learn the importance of growth in a living organism and why taking care of our own body is essential to everyday life. Activities will include group involvement to show how easily germs are spread and discussion.
SOL Requirements

Science and Weather

​​This program encourages students to get involved with the science that goes into determining the weather. With lots of activities, students will engage in the dynamics of weather phenomenon and work together to build weather models. They will make their own tornado, make clouds from dough, and even make it rain! Students will discuss the influences of weather and how they affect people.​ 
SOL Requirements

​Additional Information

​To reserve an outreach program to come to your classroom, please contact the Manassas Museum; Programs Coordinator at 703-257-9265 or dhorhota@manassasva.gov in advance.