Manassas Historic Resources Board

The Manassas Historic Resources Board (HRB) advises the City Council on matters of historical interest to the City, including historic preservation, education, cultural programs, and tourism promotion.  The HRB acts as an advisory board to the Manassas Museum System, fosters wider awareness of the City’s historic legacy, and promotes responsible stewardship of historic resources, both public and private.

Mark Olsen, Chair
Robert Keller, Vice Chair
David Button
Lyshawn Dean
Connie Gilman
Rob Fisher
Jill Pascale
Warwick Steer
Don Wilson

City Council Liaison
Ralph Smith

Staff Liaison
Elizabeth Via-Gossman  

703-257-8223 / email

Honorary Lifetime Members
Jouette Chick
Anne Harrington
Keith Mueller
Suzanne Parker
John Payne
Ulysses White

In Memorium
Mae Merchant