Perks for Parks


perks for parks

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Thanks to the SWIFT Corporation for a $25,000 sponsorship that will support the beautification of the City of Manassas by planting 100 trees at local schools and parks. Thanks to this generous contribution, trees will be planted at: Baldwin and Weems Elementary Schools; Metz Middle School; Cavalry Run, Liberia House, Mayfield Fort, and Winterset Parks.

Help us build pride in our parks by sponsoring an improvement that will have a big impact. Sponsor a Perk for our Parks in celebration of an occasion, in honor of a loved one, or just because you want to improve your community. Email or call 703-368-1873 to make a difference in your parks. 
     Sponsor A Bench for $2,000   

    We'll install a marker recognizing you, your civic organization, or your memorial gift.
 sponsor a bench
Sponsor A Tree for $1,000  

    Help plant a beautiful lasting gift of shade. A marker will recognize your contribution. 
   sponsor a tree
      Sponsor a Chair for $500

     Sponsor a colorful Adirondack chair and help your community relax.
     sponsor a chair
                                              Sponsor a Pollinator for $50 or $100

      Help us beautify parks with plants and help our environment too.
     help us plant
     Adopt A...

   Pitch in to the Keep Manassas Beautiful effort by adopting a spot, park, field, stream, street and more. Check out the possibilities.
 Sponsor the Dog Park
 Lucky's Dog Park  
As a local government, we are a "qualified organization" under the IRS code for charitable contributions and therefore donations made to us are deductible, charitable donations.          

Thanks to our partners at the Manassas Walmart for helping to beautify Stonewall Park Pool with garden and landscape contributions!