Park Improvements

Byrd Park

Manassas parks are being upgraded with new equipment, landscaping, signs, and other amenities as part of the Capital Improvement Plan. Here is the status of current and recently completed projects:


  • Stonewall Pool spray features, sail shade and pool house repairs
  • George C. Round Elementary School playground upgrade
  • Kinsley Mill Park renovation



  • Rest room construction 


Byrd Park (completed September 2017)

  • New playground equipment, including a feature that is friendlier for children with sensory disabilities
  • Resurfaced roller hockey, basketball, and Bankshot basketball court
  • Sail shade installation in the picnic area
  • New signage, picnic amenities, bike racks and benches

Weems Elementary School playground upgrade

Stonewall Park Master Plan

Stonewall Park Pool

  • New bike rack and pool deck chairs
  • New signage

Other Improvements

  • Skate Park update included replacement of older ramps, and a new “Y” rail
  • New signage at Cannon Branch Park
  • New bike rack at Harris Pavilion