Traffic Controls Department

Role of the Traffic Controls Department
The traffic controls department consists of four full-time employees. This department is responsible for: 
 traffic light
  • Maintaining 62 traffic signals in the city
  • Creating and maintaining all city's traffic signs
  • Maintaining all lane markings on city roadways


An Update on Current CIP Projects:
CIP Projects Completed As of April 1, 2016
  • Hastings Dr. & Dumfries Rd. traffic signal upgrade.
  • Hastings Dr. & Battlefield Dr. traffic signal upgrade.
  • Grant Ave. & Byrd Dr. traffic signal upgrade. 

Future CIP projects

  • Grant Ave. & Center St. traffic signal and pedestrian crossings to be upgraded with the Grant Avenue Capital Project.
  • Traffic signal span wires will be converted to mast arms at Godwin Dr. and Lockheed Martin.
  • Traffic Signals Coordination- Signal timings will be evaluated and optimized on all city major roads to reduce congestion and improve Regional Air Quality.
  • Fairview Ave. and Tudor Ln. new traffic signal.