1. Airport

    This is the official Manassas Regional Airport webpage, located outside the Washington, DC metro area. We are the gateway to the Nation's Capital.

  2. Economic Development

  3. Fire & Rescue

    New Fire and Rescue home page

  4. Community Development

    We help to maintain a high quality of life through sound land use planning, maintaining building standards and code enforcement, and offering neighborhood services, parks and cultural resources.

  5. Human Resources

    Learn about the services of the human resources department.

  6. Information Technology

    The IT team provides an array of technical services and products for city management, staff, elected officials, and citizens.

  7. Social Services

  8. Finance & Administration

    The official City of Manassas, Virginia Finance and Administration page.

  9. Police Department

  10. Public Works

    Find points of contact for and details about the public works department.

  11. Purchasing

  12. Manassas Museum System

    Learn about the role of the Manassas Museum System.

  13. Voter Registration and Elections

    Participate in local government by registering to vote.

  14. Utilities

    Learn about utility services and costs.