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SUP # 2007-09 – United Rental, Inc.,

9415 & 9499 Wellington Road


Planning Commission Public Hearing Date: September 5, 2007

City Council Public Hearing Date:


Staff Recommendation: Approval as Conditioned 





Request – The applicant is requesting a special use permit for motor vehicle and engine repair for company fleet vehicles and rental equipment only and a motor vehicle rental office pursuant to Section 130-501 of the City’s Zoning Ordinance. 


Location – The subject site is located at 9415 & 9499 Wellington Road, on the east side of Wellington Road approximately 500 feet from its intersection with Nokesville Road.  It is identified as Tax Map Number 101-01-00-54 & 101-01-00-54C.    


Comprehensive Plan Designation – The subject site is identified as CE, Campus Employment in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  The property is located within Sector Area 5, Gateway Business Park & Nokesville Road.


Zoning/Acreage – The subject site is approximately 1.14 acres and zoned I-1, Light Industrial. 


Surrounding Land Uses & Zoning – The site is bordered on the northeast, east and south by the southern railroad zoned I-1, Light Industrial; on the north by commercial properties zoned I-1, Light Industrial and on the west by Wellington Road.  Across Wellington Road are commercial properties zoned I-1, Light Industrial.       


Level of Service – Any level of service impacts related to this request would be mitigated by the conditions dated August 31, 2007. 






Background – Marrow Crane Company and John & Richard Marrow currently own the two properties and run a crane rental business from the site.  They require more space in order to run their business and are developing a new site out in Prince William County.  United Rentals is the contract purchaser for the site.  Their business entails renting equipment such as crossing plates, trench boxes, spreader bars, trenchers, water trucks, dump trucks, forklifts, backhoe/frontloaders, and generators (to name a few of the items).  They would also like to have the ability to maintain and repair their equipment and vehicles on site.    They will be operating out of the existing building.     


Land Use and Density – The site is approximately 3.88 acres and is currently a non-conforming lot based on the requirements of the zoning ordinance.  The site currently contains a 22,220 square foot one-story building with a front paved parking area and side and rear gravel lots for the cranes.  United Rentals is proposing to use the existing building for their business, but to make exterior site improvements in a phased plan process.  Site improvements are required such as a landscaped buffer along Wellington Road, a tree canopy requirement on site and additional paving of the ground surface in order to provide client parking and vehicle storage.  In order to get the business up and running and because the site is already non-conforming, the applicant and the city agreed to a two phase project.  The first phase includes a small landscape area along Wellington Road, providing additional parking and paving all surfaces for parking and vehicle storage.  The second phase includes providing the entire landscape buffer along Wellington Road, relocating the north entrance to line up with the proposed off ramp for the Nokesville overpass, providing a landscape strip between this property and the adjacent property to the north, and paving the rest of the area that is required to be paved.  Conditions have been provided to trigger the start of the phase two process. 


They are proposing a wash bay and five service bays within the building.  Maintenance and repair services will be performed on the company’s fleet vehicles and rental equipment only, there will be no public vehicle repair or servicing permitted.        


The property is located within Sector Area 5, Gateway Business Park and Nokesville Road.  The goals and objectives within this sector area encourage continued industrial uses, offices and supporting general commercial uses.  The use of the property as an office/warehouse business meets the goals and objectives of this sector area.                 


Community Design – The applicant is proposing to use the same building that is currently there and to repaint and clean up the existing building.  With the completion of Phase two, there will be a full landscape buffer along Wellington Road that will add an attractive appearance down Wellington Road.  In addition the applicant is required to pave the parking and storage areas to reduce the amount of dust that will be created on site.  There will be a fence installed to screen the proposed equipment storage areas from Wellington Road and the adjacent properties.  All activity will be conducted within the building and exterior storage of inoperable vehicles is not permitted.           


Community Facilities – The Police Department and Fire Marshall’s Office had no issues or concerns with the proposed use.  Any potential impacts to community facilities are addressed under the proposed conditions.       


Transportation – The concerns that were raised by the Department of Public Works have been addressed through the proposed Generalized Development Plan and the conditions.  The applicant is required to provide the necessary right-of-way and easements for any road improvements.  In addition, during phase two improvements, the applicant will be relocating the main entrance to line up with the proposed Nokesville Road overpass off ramp, at which point there will be a stop light once it has been constructed.             


Public Utilities – The Utilities Department (including electric, water and sewer) have no concerns related to this proposal.  All utilities are currently connected to the site.




Section 130-501 of the City’s Zoning Ordinance permits this use pursuant to a special use permit.  The following conditions are proposed to mitigate the impact of the proposal on adjacent properties and to address agency and staff comments.  At this time all comments have been addressed.


1.                  This special use permit shall be for motor vehicle and engine repair for company fleet vehicles and rental equipment only and a motor vehicle rental office. 


2.                  The site shall be in compliance with all Design and Construction Standards Manual requirements. 


3.                  The site shall be developed in two phases as depicted on the Generalized Development Plan entitled, “United Rentals Generalized Development Plan” dated August 6, 2007.  A site plan for Phase Two shall be submitted within twelve (12) months of occupancy and they shall be under construction for Phase Two within twelve (12) months of their Phase Two site plan approval. 


4.                  All exterior light poles shall not exceed 20 feet in height and shall be sodium vapor or equivalent. 


5.                  Not more than 5 motor vehicle service areas and 1 was bay shall be permitted in the unit.  A service area is defined as the space in which one vehicle may be repaired or serviced. 


6.                  All service activities shall be performed within an enclosed building. 


7.                  At no time shall the unit Sound Pressure Level (SPL) at A-weighted SPL exceed 100 decibels internally, nor shall the average SPL exceed 55 decibels, nor a spike greater than 70 decibels, through the wall of any adjacent interior unit or exterior wall or from the building when the doors are opened. 


8.                  There shall be no exterior storage of inoperable vehicles. 


9.                  Oil/water separators shall be installed in all floor drains.  This includes any vehicle wash areas.  A written inspection and maintenance record shall be kept, and made available upon request by City officials for all oil/water separators. 


10.              Oil/water separators shall be cleaned at least once a year and/or after a spill.  All spills over one gallon shall be reported to the City’s Hazardous Materials and Safety Officer.


11.              There shall be no exterior washing of vehicles.  If washing of vehicles occurs within the unit then a vehicle washing permit shall be obtained from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality with a copy provided to the Zoning Administrator.


12.              All hazardous materials shall be recycled or disposed of according to federal, state and local laws.  This includes, but is not limited to, disposal of wash water, tires and waste oil.


13.              A spill kit shall be maintained on site equal to, or better than, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality requirements.  The kit shall be able to contain at a minimum a 30-gallon spill.


14.              Any exterior or interior fluid spills shall be cleaned up immediately with the proper absorbent materials and disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.


15.              Material Safety Data Sheets for all motor vehicle detailing, cleaning, or other chemical compounds or products shall be provided to the Fire Marshal and updated as needed.


16.              The applicant shall be responsible for obtaining all Fire Prevention Code Permits for vehicle repair, welding and cutting operations.


17.              Any business is subject to an annual fire inspection which will be conducted during normal business hours.


18.              The applicant is required to install a backflow prevention devise just downstream of the meter prior to any plumbing take offs.


19.              The applicant shall be required to provide any necessary sewer easements or water improvements to the City, if necessary.


20.              The City’s future Waterline Betterment Project shall be incorporated into the site plan. 


21.              All required City inspections shall be conducted and completed prior to final occupancy permit approval.  A new occupancy permit is required for each new owner/tenant. 


22.              The use of this property shall be in compliance with all federal, state, and local ordinances.




Staff finds that the applicant’s special use permit request is consistent with the 2003 Comprehensive Plan and any impacts on existing, adjacent land uses are appropriately mitigated by the conditions.  Staff RECOMMENDS APPROVAL of SUP#2007-09, United Rentals, Inc., with the proposed conditions dated August 31, 2007.


Staff:  Deborah L. Bruckman, AICP, Senior Planner



  1. Proposed conditions dated August 31, 2007
  2. Proposed Generalized Development Plan
  3. Applicant’s Submission
  4. Proposed Planning Commission Resolution
  5. Tax Map
  6. Agency Comments