What's in it for me?
Great exercise, a clean and beautiful City, new friends - plus you get a vest, litter picker, gloves, trash bags, 2 cool signs at your location ... and an invitation to the City's Volunteer Reception where we honor our volunteers.

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Q: What is Keep Manassas Beautiful?
Q: What is Adopt a Street/Stream/Historic Site/Trail/Athletic Field?
Q: How soon after adoption will we see a Keep Manassas Beautiful Sign at my adopted location?
Q: Once the volunteers fill up the garbage bags, who picks them up?
Q: If someone is injured while participating in litter clean-up, who is responsible for their injuries?
Q: Can I work alone?
Q: What if I only want to do a litter clean-up once or twice a year?
Q: Can I adopt more than one location?
Q: What if I don't report my activity?
Q: What's in it for me?