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Q: What are the hours of operation for Family Services?
Q: What if I have a Fair Housing question?
Q: How do I contact the Department of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE)?
Q: How do I contact Prince William Social Services?
Q: How do I contact Manassas Park Social Services?
Q: How do I know if I live in Manassas City or Prince William County?
Q: Do I have to wait to sign my application in front of a worker?
Q: What Community Resources are available to me?
Q: If I am transferring in from another locality will my benefits transfer?
Q: Child Care - How long before my application is approved?
Q: Child Care - Can I choose any daycare center I want?
Q: Child Care - Can I use a family member or home provider?
Q: Child Care - How can I help speed up the application process?
Q: Child Care - What are the maximum rates covered for daycare?
Q: Child Care - I am transferring from another locality/ state - does my daycare transfer?