Stormwater Corner

What is stormwater?

Every time it rains or snows, that water makes its way to the storm drain on your street and then travels to the rivers and lakes where it becomes the water that we go swimming in and even the water that we drink. That's why it's important to be Stormwater SMART!
Stormy "Hi there!  My name is Stormy. Having a clean and safe supply of freshwater is really important. Not all drains are the same. Stormwater drains take the water from rain and melting snow to our lakes and rivers. Let's learn about stormwater together!"    
S See where the water goes when it rains and snows.
M Make sure that you don't let trash, soapy water or dog waste go down the storm drain.
A Always put your litter in the trash.
R Report blocked stormwater drains and when you see someone pour something down the drain.
T Tell your friends about the importance of being Stormwater Smart! Help spread the word and keep our water clean.
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