Transportation Master Plan

The city's first Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a document that will guide future transportation investments and improve mobility in the City. The TMP is part of the Comprehensive Plan Update.

The draft Transportation Master Plan is now available for review. Comments will be accepted for incorporation through Friday, August 16.

Draft Transportation Master Plan

Draft Appendices (additional appendices will be available with the final TMP)

Appendix A: Previous Transportation Recommendations in Manassas

Appendix B-1: Stakeholder Interviews with City Departments

Appendix B-2: Stakeholder Interview with Partner Agencies

Appendix B-3: Stakeholder Interviews with the Community

Appendix C: Bike Share Report

Appendix D: Pedestrian Network Recommendations

Appendix E: Bicycle Network Recommendations

Interactive Map Atlas

Comments may be emailed to Chloe Delhomme,, or submitted here.