Library Services Facts

old-library-bookMany have asked about Library Services in the City of Manassas.  This page answers many of the questions City staff are being asked about this topic.

A little background:

For many years (since 1976) the City of Manassas has participated in the Prince William County Public Library System.  A little more than 5 years ago, the City took a close look at the agreement and agreed to a new agreement signed by both the City of Manassas and the City of Manassas Park.


Other facts to know:

  • In the citizen survey 50 of the 65 service areas assessed were higher than the national averages but the Library services rankings were 7% below the national average.   
  • According to the Prince William Public Library System Monthly Statistics for June 2018, 70% of Prince William County residents have library cards but only 45% of Manassas residents have library cards and the number is down from the previous year.  
  • Manassas residents account for 5.5% of library cards but pay 8.3% of the library costs ($1.35 million in the last shared service allocation report).  
  • In looking at the use (total circulation) of Central Library, which is the closest library to City residents, Manassas accounts for less than 27% of the usage, while Manassas Park is 14.5% and County residents make up more than 60%.  
  • The overall circulation or use of Central Library is also lower than Chinn Park, Bull Run, Gainesville, and Potomac libraries and only slightly above Montclair.  This may be due to the age and functionality of Central Library compared to the newer facilities.