Whether you are looking for a playground for your family, want to explore a historic site, go for a walk on a shady trail, find a spot for your family picnic, go for a swim, or find the perfect venue for your event, discover our parks.

Please note: 

Woodlands on City parkland that are not marked as a nature trail are not designated nor maintained to be utilized in such a manor.

Annaburg Park 2Annaburg Park

9201 Maple Street 

The shaded area surrounding the house is open for passive recreation from dawn to dusk. It is a great place for a walk or a picnic. 

Work has begun on the stabilization of Annaburg Manor. The ca.1892 manor house and property was purchased by the City last year to be used as a public park. Recently the City Council determined to use some of the proceeds from the sale of land at the Landings of Cannon Branch to install a new, historically accurate slate roof on the manor house and repair the original cornice and gutter system. The exterior of the manor house will also be cleaned and a variety of painting options are being considered. This will not only stabilize the manor house, preventing further deterioration but also improve the appearance of the house for the community. The work is expected to last through the fall and is being done by the Durable Restoration Company.  The company is highly skilled in preserving and restoring historical buildings and landmarks. Additionally, the Department of Community Development will host an appropriately physically distanced community meeting on the grounds in early fall and there will be an opportunity to hear from preservationists working on the project. If you have a question or would like to be notified about opportunities for learning more about the project please email Liz Via-Gossman at

baldwin train
Baldwin Park 
9101 Prince William Street 
This park is nestled among the tall trees behind the Manassas Museum. This is a great place for a child's birthday party or just a quiet gathering for friends. The park includes a playground, small garden path, and picnic tables. While you're there, please visit the Manassas Museum.
baldwin path
Byrd Park
8528 Cavalry Lane
A covered picnic pavilion and grills are available for reservations, and other amenities include:                
  • Basketball courts & Roller hockey court
  • Playgrounds
  • Diamond fields 
  • Batting Cage
  • Bankshot basketball
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Public Restrooms (seasonal)
byrd bb
byrd pavilion
Cannon Branch fort

Cannon Branch Park &
​Earthwork Fort

10611 Gateway Boulevard
​One of two surviving Civil War forts in Manassas, Cannon Branch Fort was built by Union troops in 1864 to help defend rail lines from Confederate raids. Take a walk on a paved wooded path and see the remains of the fort. We ask your help in staying on the path so the delicate remains may be preserved.


Cavalry Run Park

9201 Ashton Avenue
​ A neighborhood park with:
​• Basketball court
​• Playground
​• Picnic Area
​• Grill
​• Tennis/Pickleball courts

Cavalry Run Park
winters branch trail

Dean Park

9501 Dean Park Lane​There is plenty of open space to accommodate large gatherings including: ​ ​

•Basketball Court

•Tennis/Pickleball Courts

​•Playground ​(available after school hours and activities)

•Lighted diamond fields 

•Batting Cages

​​•Public Restrooms (seasonal)​• Skate Park

• Manassas Industrial School/Jennie Dean Memorial

•Winters Branch Recreation Trail 0.9 miles Take the Winters Branch Trail Tour​ 

Dean Skate Park

9503 Dean Park
​Lane Situated on a small parcel of land behind the Boys & Girls Club in Dean Park, this park is reserved solely for skateboarders and roller blade enthusiasts. It is open during daylight hours only and is not supervised. Benches are located on the outside of the fence for parental use. There is no admission fee.

skate park

Manassas Industrial School/ Jennie Dean Memorial

​Visit the five-acre archaeological park on the original site of the Manassas Industrial School for Colored Youth, adjacent to Jennie Dean Elementary. The school was founded largely through the efforts of former slave Jennie Dean who, after almost a decade of charismatic fundraising, chartered the school in 1893. Learn about the school at an interactive kiosk, view a model of the original campus, and walk among the original school's foundations.

MIS Jennie Dean Memorial

Harris Pavilion

9201 Center Street

Enjoy happenings at the Loy E. Harris Pavilion year-round. In summer, visit the Thursday Farmer's Market, a free concert, or many festivals, events, and dances. Lace up your skates and take a turn on the ice when the weather turns cold. The Pavilion is also available for private rentals.
Harris Pavilion at night
Harris Pavilion winter
Ice skating

Kinsley Mill Park

8844 Hastings Drive
​Enjoy tall shade trees and other amenities including:   

•Roller hockey court & Basketball court 

•Picnic area & Grills 

•Playground equipment 

Kinsley Mill Park
Kinsley Mill Park
Kinsley Mill Park
Lee Manor Park

Lee Manor Park

9650 Shannon Lane
​Located adjacent to Round Elementary School, this park includes lighted tennis courts and parking.

Liberia House & Grounds

8601 Portner Avenue
​Confederate President Jefferson Davis and President Lincoln visited, and troops occupied the 1825 Liberia house during the Civil War. The house is open for special events and tours, and the grounds are open for walking and picnicking. A series of trails is being constructed through wooded areas of the 18-acre historic site.

Liberia House

Mayfield Earthwork Fort

8401 Quarry Road
​ Confederate troops occupied the fort between June 1861 and March 1862, and Union troops occupied the fort from March 1862 to November 1864. Follow the path up the hill to the fort and read interpretive markers along the way. When at the top, visit the remains of the Hooe family farm Mayfield. Be sure to see a replica of one of the wooden Quaker guns, which were fabricated to look like real cannons during the Civil War.

Soldiers at Mayfield Fort

Nelson Park

8915 Grant Avenue
​This park is a favorite for weddings, thanks to a picturesque gazebo and fountain. Park in the small lot off of Grant Avenue. The fountain only operates in spring and summer.

wedding at Nelson Park
Oakenshaw Park

Oakenshaw Park 

This neighborhood park includes: ​
•Basketball ​
​•diamond field
Oakenshaw Park

Stonewall Park

8300 Stonewall Road

​A covered picnic pavilion and grills are available for reservation, and other amenities include:

• Basketball court 

• Lighted Tennis/Pickleball Courts  

​• Playgrounds

• Recreation trail  0.9 mile 

​• Rectangular fields 

Stonewall Park Pool 

• Public Restrooms (seasonal)

stonewall park pavilion
pool 2
stonewall playground 2
stonewall park
stonewall park
stonewall park
delisle park

Walter Delisle Park

9027 West Street

This small neighborhood park is a great place to pause under the shady trees. It includes:
​• Playground
​• Picnic Table

Winterset Park

8252 Winterset Drive
​ Amenities at this neighborhood park include:
​ • Basketball court 
​ • Playground
​ • Picnic Area
​ • Grill

winterset park