Stonewall Park Pool

8351 Stonewall Road, Manassas, VA 20110 /
703-369-6137 / stonewallpool@manassasva.gov  
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This season enjoy a new shade structure, an expanded pool deck, new fencing inside the pool enclosure, updated landscaping, and the major new feature that will be sure to please families: a splash pad with 15 aquatic features. 

Stonewall Park Pool Operating Hours
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

(Opening at 2 p.m. on July 21 & 28 due to divisional swim meet.) 


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Season Passes
for the newly updated Stonewall Park Pool are available now! Season passes are affordable at only $100 per person, or buy a group season pass and get 4 passes for only $300. Buy your pass online at Echoes with a credit card, or fill out your application for a season pass and bring it to the pool during open hours with cash or check.

Daily admission rates are below (cash only accepted). Children must be at least 11 years old and be able to swim the width of the pool to be admitted without an adult. Proof of age may be requested.                                     

Daily Admission Fees             Daily Rates - Cash Only Twi-Lite - After 5 p.m. - Cash Only
Tots (3-5 years) $4.00      $3.00
Youth (6-15 years) $6.00      $4.00
Adults (16-59 years) $6.50      $5.00
Seniors (60 & Over) $3.00      $1.00
Infants (Under 3) Free      Free
Spectators $3.00      $2.00
Family Day Pass (4 person max) $20.00      $10.00

Stonewall Park Pool instructors offer American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Programs: 
1st Session: June 18-30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
5:45-6:30 P.M. – Youth Level 3-4
2nd Session: June 18-30 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
6:45-7:30 P.M. – Youth Level 2
3rd Session: June 19-July 5 Tuesday & Thursday
9-9:45 A.M – Youth Level 1
4th Session: June 19-July 5 Tuesday & Thursday
10-10:45 A.M – Youth Level 2
5th Session: July 2-13 Tuesday and Thursday
5:45-6:30 P.M. – Youth Level 3-4
6th Session: July 2-13 Tuesday and Thursday
Private Lessons: Subject to the availability of the Swim Instructors
Fees & Registration:
All swim sessions are $50.00 per person. Registration Form and payment must be received by mail or in person the Friday before the class starts to ensure your space in class!

Pool Picnic Rentals 

Groups may reserve an area at Stonewall Park Pool for picnics and special events. Check back next year for availability. (Groups renting the Stonewall Park Pavilion must pay admission to the pool.)

   pool rental picnic area

Pool Rules

We want you to have fun and stay safe. Check it out:

When Does the Pool Close?

  • Days and hours of operation may vary depending on weather conditions and water temperature. The pool will close if the air and/or water temperature is below 70 degrees. The pool may close temporarily due to the following conditions: 
  • Threat of a storm
  • Water contamination
  • Excessive number of bathers
Temporary closure is at the pool management's discretion. Please call Stonewall Park Pool at 703-369-6137 for questions.
 For Year-Round Aquatics and Fitness visit :  Freedom Center