What do I need to do with trash and recycling when we have snow or bad weather?

Snow and bad weather can make setting out your trash and recycling difficult and even hazardous to your health. Here are a few tips to make your winter trash and recycling collection easier:

  • Trash and recycling collection may be postponed or delayed when road conditions are poor. Check the City of Manassas government channel, website, Facebook page or call the Trashline on (703) 257-8252.
  • Make your container easy to see. Set your trash out in hard sided containers with tight fitting lids, preferably the City trash and recycling containers.
  • Think before you set out bulk waste. Setting out large items in bad weather can be dangerous for you and for the crew. Please call ahead to schedule bulk waste collection.
  • Report damaged carts and/or bins. Freezing cold weather can be hard on plastic containers causing them to shatter and break. Call the Trashline on (703) 257-8252 as soon as you see damage and we will replace your container on the next scheduled delivery day.
  • Please have patience. Our aim is to collect your trash and recycling in a timely manner. Our contractor will be checking the safety of road conditions all night before they postpone or cancel service. Sometimes a storm may not be as bad as it seems and collections will follow a regular schedule. We will let you know as soon as there are any changes.

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Q: What do I need to do with trash and recycling when we have snow or bad weather?
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