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Vehicle Registration

  1. Vehicles purchased or moved into the City of Manassas must be registered within 30 days of purchase or move-in date with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. After the vehicle has been registered/updated with the Department of Motor Vehicles, this online form will register your vehicle with the Commissioner or the Revenue's office. If you are registering more than one vehicle, you must complete this process once for each vehicle separately.

    Any applicable license and parking fees (if applicable) will be billed and mailed by the Treasurer's Office.

  2. Please provide the following identifying information:

  3. Permit

    If you live in a parking district, do you require a permit?

      1. Former Jurisdiction:

      2. Is your property a motorcycle:*

      3. Are all registered owners of the vehicle active duty military?*

      4. If yes, is the legal domicile outside of Manassas, VA?

      5. If domicile is located outside of Manassas please provide owner legal domicile.

      6. Please provide the co-owner legal domicile if different than owners.

      7. Is the vehicle owned or leased?*

      8. Is the vehicle used for:*

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