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Application: Public Forum Permit

  1. Nature of Proposed Event (check as many as apply)*

  2. Will there be food trucks used at this event?

    If Yes, all food trucks must be inspected by the Fire Marshal’s office prior to the event. Please call 703-257-8455 for additional information and to setup an inspection.

  3. (500 character limit)

  4. *** Note

    For use of a park or event venue (including the Museum Lawn, Harris Pavilion, or Liberia) a Facility Rental Form is required. Park facilities are available on a first-come, first-served basis and full payment is required to finalize the reservation. A link has been provided to the Facility Rental Form for your convenience. Please contact the Parks, Culture & Recreation Division at 703-257-8453 for more information.

  5. Route is Required

    Note: The application is considered incomplete until the route is provided.

  6. Use the "Browse" button to search for your route, map or information related to the event. Your plan will automatically upload after submitting this online application.

  7. Will there be any tents over 900 sq. ft. and/or will hold more than 50 occupants at any one time?*

  8. How do you plan to dispose of the litter/trash/recycling generated by your event?

  9. Will there be any bleachers, stages or other structures more than 120 sq. ft. and/or that will hold more than 10 occupants at any one time?*

  10. NOTE: If the tent or structures are over 1,200 sq. ft., additional information may be required during the review.

  11. Security Plan*

    Note: A Security Plan is mandatory for parades, street closures, sidewalk processions of more than 50 persons, and events between sunset and sunrise)

  12. Use the "Browse" button to search for your Security Plan. Your plan will automatically upload after submitting this online application.

  13. Signature*

  14. Applicant's Contact Information

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