Annaburg Park

Annaburg Park1

The City of Manassas has completed the purchase of 3.65 acres of land and the historic structure Annaburg Manor from the Prince William Hospital Corporation to create the city's 16th park. This purchase will provide an opportunity for an interested non-profit to restore Annaburg Manor as a community asset, and provide much-needed park space. 

A recent community meeting kicked off the development of a master plan which will help determine future improvements to the park and the historic house.

Share your voice and help envision the future of Annaburg Park. Help us plan future park amenities. See more about the Master Planning process and submit comments:

Annaburg Park2

Where is Annaburg Park?                                 
9201 Maple Street

What Can You Do at Annaburg Park? 
The shaded area surrounding the house is open for passive recreation from dawn to dusk. It is a great place for a walk or a picnic. Keep in mind that park rules prohibit:

  • Amplified sound
  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, weapons, fireworks, and glass bottles
  • Littering and dumping of debris - Let's Keep Manassas Beautiful!
  • Personal grills and open fires
  • Unleashed dogs--please clean up after your pet
  • Vehicle parking in non-designated areas and on the grass
  • Motorized bikes or ATVs
Annaburg History
Annaburg Park3Annaburg has a long history as a recreational destination. Robert Portner, the Prussian-born entrepreneur and Alexandria brewer who built the 1892 Annaburg as a summer retreat, generously enabled his neighbors to enjoy what was essentially a town park long before parks existed. After Robert and his wife Anna Portner passed away and the house was no longer occupied, residents recalled the grounds as a place to stroll, take photographs, and skate on the frozen ponds in winter. Residents and visitors also enjoyed attending the town’s Dairy Festival, 4th of July fireworks, and even church baptisms in the estate's pond.

Annaburg Park4It was while visiting the Mathis family in Manassas that Robert Portner, the Prussian-born entrepreneur and founder of the Alexandria brewery Tivoli, decided to purchase property and build Annaburg, a summer retreat named for his wife Anna. He considered the 1892 house--with its 35 rooms, electricity, and mechanical air conditioning of his own invention--his escape from the city. Twenty-five landscaped acres and a park of luxurious trees, some of which still stand, surrounded the house. The 2,000 acre estate included a deer park, fountains, a greenhouse, a vineyard, a swimming pool and the 1825 Liberia Plantation, which Portner operated as a dairy farm. In the 1960s two wings were constructed when Annaburg became a nursing home, but they have since been removed.

Annaburg Park5The ivy-covered stone tower, resembling a medieval stone folly or ruin, was a landmark on the Annaburg estate that was variously described as a museum, beer garden, or wine cellar. The tower was demolished in the late 1970s.

When Robert Portner died in 1906 he left  a $1.9 million estate and generous contributions, including $5,000 to the Manasseh Lodge of Masons to build a Masonic Hall, $5,000 to improve Manassas streets, and $5,000 to a trust fund charged with caring for the poor with a provision that one-third of the money should go to “the poor colored citizens.”

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