Stonewall Park Master Plan

Stonewall Park Master Plan
Stonewall Park is an expansive 24-acre community park that provides a variety of recreational amenities for Manassas’ citizens. Today, the park contains several outdoor recreation amenities including playgrounds, trails, a rectangular field, and the City’s only municipal swimming pool. Although the park includes amenities today, there is a tremendous opportunity to transform the park into an even greater recreational resource for the City.

This Master Plan provides a comprehensive vision for the future of Stonewall Park (24 acres) and adjacent New Britain Park (6 acres) that will maximize the City’s limited parks resources. Improvements recommended in this plan address the central theme of providing active and passive recreation opportunities while celebrating natural resources that define the park’s character.

The Plan presents two alternatives - one concept that maximizes active recreation and a second concept that preserves natural open space and enhances amenities. These two alternatives will continue to be explored and refined following additional engineering studies.

Final Master Plan

Park Location Map

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