Previous Restoration Efforts

Important work in the last decade stabilized the exterior of the house and helped preserve the interior. This work included:

Wall Repair & Painting
Conservator Christopher Mills finished repairing cracks in walls and uncovered new Civil War graffiti. Adriana Martinez of Gemini Wallcovering applied a removable wall liner to downstairs walls, and Mills applied simulated lime wash paint to the wall liner. The paint is a textured gray color in the dining room, a creamy white color in the parlor, and a brighter white in the hallway. The colors were formulated to look like Liberia's walls did in the 1860s, based on paint analysis.
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Learn about the hand-mixed lime wash paint on Liberia's walls, and about the hunt for Civil War graffiti:
Structural Repairs
Liberia's stairways, floor joists, and some exterior bricks were repaired by Tidewater Preservation, Inc. of Fredericksburg.
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Well Removal
A modern well was removed as part of the exterior grading project and in advance of the garage removal. The work was donated by Olde Towne Landscaping as part of an extensive in-kind donation.
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Arbor Day
The Manassas Beautification Committee donated birch trees as part of the Liberia restoration project. They will be planted at the front entrance of the house.
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Trail Installation
Eagle Scout candidates, Girl Scout award candidates and any other groups interested in extending the trail should contact or call 703-368-1873.

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