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Q: What do I need to do with trash and recycling when we have snow or bad weather?
Q: Why recycle?
Q: What is single stream recycling?
Q: Will the trash schedule change for the holidays?
Q: When is the next computer/TV drop-off scheduled?
Q: Does the City collect televisions and computer monitors at the curb?
Q: Does the City provide for a large item or bulk waste collection?
Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about trash, recycling, yard waste or hard to dispose of items?
Q: What is the Courtesy Truck?
Q: Does the City have places to recycle cardboard?
Q: Is there another place in the City that accepts recyclables?
Q: I use the codes on my plastic to recycle. What numbers does the City take?
Q: Why doesn't the City accept Styrofoam in recycling?
Q: Why can't plastic bags and plastic film be collected with recycling?
Q: My trash, yard waste or recycling keeps getting missed ...